Hi, I'm Steve Gattuso! I'm a New Yorker 🗽 who enjoys urbanism 🏙, software 🤓, cycling 🚲, and finding ways to make humanity more sustainable 🚇. I'm a hackNY '13 alum, Recurser, and currently employed at Amperon 🔌.

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↗ New Photos: Pandemia NYC

Pushing up some photos that I recently had developed. Nothing too special, but some scenes from walking about NYC during the pandemic in the late Fall.

The Death and Life of Utica, NY

An anecdote I recently shared with some friends about my own experience growing up in Central New York, more specifically near Utica. The city is a former boom town, achieving its heights in the late 1800s as a major textile manufacturing city. Some of the photos of the old city center paint the picture of a bustling little city…

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A self-hosted RSS setup

In the past I’ve raved about self-hosting your own content, but what about consuming others’ content? The default way to go about this is to install a plethora of apps onto your phone and maybe have a few bookmarks in your browser, then proceed to tirelessly scroll through each feed searching for gems. Having lived through this experience for far too long, I can say not only that it doesn’t work well, but it also leaves me exhausted.

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↗ A Message from Your Friendly Local Mail Carrier

Pure excellence.

↗ New photo album: South America (Feb '20)

I was lucky enough to be able to finish a trip to South America with some friends just before the COVID-19 lockdowns began around the world. This is an album of photos I took on my Kodak Euro-35 throughout the trip, passing through Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and the Atacama desert in Chile (where most of these photos were taken).

This was the first time I’d used this camera with color film and for landscape photography, and needless to say the result wasn’t phenomenal. This particular camera is a point-and-shoot, and seems to be best at capturing subjects reasonably nearby and in brighter environments.

Either way, I’ve decided to post these because I like how the some photos look as if they’re old NASA images from another planet. Enjoy!