Hi, I'm Steve Gattuso! I'm a New Yorker 🗽 who enjoys urbanism 🏙, software 🤓, cycling 🚲, and finding ways to make humanity more sustainable 🚇. I'm a hackNY '13 alum, Recurser, and an incoming urban planning student at NYU 🚅.

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From Tech to Urban Planning

After ~15 years of programming as a hobby and career, I’m finally starting to diverge from my life as a software engineer. This Fall I’ll be starting on a new path as a graduate student in Urban Planning at NYU. I want to take a moment to write a bit about my motivation of making such a decision, as leaving a cozy career in tech in favor of a yet-to-be-thought-through path down the hole of urban planning is, to many, a strange one.

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↗ New Photos: Pandemia NYC

Pushing up some photos that I recently had developed. Nothing too special, but some scenes from walking about NYC during the pandemic in the late Fall.

The Death and Life of Utica, NY

An anecdote I recently shared with some friends about my own experience growing up in Central New York, more specifically near Utica. The city is a former boom town, achieving its heights in the late 1800s as a major textile manufacturing city. Some of the photos of the old city center paint the picture of a bustling little city…

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A self-hosted RSS setup

In the past I’ve raved about self-hosting your own content, but what about consuming others’ content? The default way to go about this is to install a plethora of apps onto your phone and maybe have a few bookmarks in your browser, then proceed to tirelessly scroll through each feed searching for gems. Having lived through this experience for far too long, I can say not only that it doesn’t work well, but it also leaves me exhausted.

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↗ A Message from Your Friendly Local Mail Carrier

Pure excellence.