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Rebuilding my website with Clojure
Published on Feb 3rd, 2023.

For some reason whenever I’m in a transitionary point in my life I end up rebuilding my website. Well, this time is no different: I recently quit my job, moved halfway across the world to Germany and, in the spare time between mountains of visa paperwork, have rebuilt my website once more.

Aside from a few UI tweaks (and probably bugs) it shouldn’t look too different than it did before. The real change is what is generating the site: a shiny new Clojure-based static site generator I’ve named Jupi (pronounced HOO-pee, after our cat). I did this partly as a means to gain more experience with Clojure and partly out of frustration with some of the limitations I faced building the previous version of my site with Jekyll. For now, Jupi is pretty specialized to my use case, but here are a few interesting factoids about it:

For those who are curious and want to poke around, I’ve released the source code on SourceHut. I’ll likely have more to say on this in the future, as I have a growing desire to clean and package Jupi into a library that others can experiment with.