This site is an always-in-progress repository for my thoughts and ideas. You'll generally find me writing about sustainability 🍃, urbanism 🏙️, programming 💾, vegan cooking 🍛, and whatever else pops into my mind.

Me inside of a replica sewer pipe at the Sewer Museum in Brussels.

I’m originally a New Yorker1 but am currently living in Germany to get a taste of what life is like on the other side of the pond.

By trade I’m a programmer, building software for a living and as a means of satisfying my curiosity. Many of my out-of-work interests lie in playing around with new programming languages (especially Lisps), building websites, and pretending to be a sysadmin by self-hosting everything I can.

Outside of the digital world I tend to bounce around between a variety of hobbies. I love traveling, learning about urban planning, cooking vegan meals, cycling, and writing. Expanding and updating this website also keeps me busy, something I’ve written about here: Why build this website?.

  1. Anybody originally from the city will require me to include a disclaimer here mentioning that I grew up in Central New York before moving to Brooklyn. If you’re from outside of New York, read this for more information on the topic