Hi, I'm Steve Gattuso! I'm a New Yorker 🗽 who enjoys writing software 🤓, cycling 🚲, and trying to figure out ways to make humanity more sustainable 🚇. I'm a hackNY '13 alum, Recurser, and currently employed at Amperon 🔌.

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Longform posts

A list of longer posts that I've put a bit more thought into than others.

↗ The CEO of Uber proposes exactly what you'd expect as a solution to the exploitation of the 'gig economy'
August 11, 2020 // Original article on
Translating GPS coordinates to timezones with PostGIS
August 25, 2019
Creating your own reverse geocoder with OSM and PostGIS
May 29, 2019
A short summary of Plasma
March 24, 2018
The case for self-publishing content
March 01, 2018