Hi, I'm Steve Gattuso! I'm a New Yorker 🗽 who enjoys writing software 🤓, cycling 🚲, and trying to figure out ways to make humanity more sustainable 🚇. I'm a hackNY '13 alum, Recurser, and currently employed at Amperon 🔌.

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Redesigned blog

As it turns out, moving to a new city just before a pandemic hits is a great way to find yourself with plenty of free time. I finally got bored enough to redesign my personal website and hook it up to, which will ideally auto-syndicate posts to Twitter, Mastodon, and RSS (honestly this post is mostly just testing the xposting out).

I’m trying to be a bit better about writing these days and hope I can publish thoughts more frequently here. For some reason it’s always easy for me to write sub-240 character Tweets and blast them off, but when it comes to this blog I find myself frequently second-guessing and overcorrecting my writing. This inevitably kills off the original motivation I had to write the post in the first place (see gumption traps), resulting in never hitting the publish button.

I’m thinking about writing a utility which lets me blast off blog posts directly from Drafts, which I’ve been using a lot for journaling lately. This would essentially replicate the low-friction fire-and-forget of Twitter’s compose view, but I’m still deciding if that’s a desireable trait or not.

Anyways, hope you enjoy reading with the new layout.

↗ Better Google Cloud Build notifications in Slack

If your company uses Google Cloud Build you may have noticed that their out-of-the-box Slack integration is… Lacking. I’ve published a much improved Slack notification on Amperon’s blog for you to steal!

Translating GPS coordinates to timezones with PostGIS

Following up on my previous post, Creating your own reverse geocoder with OSM and PostGIS, I’ve found myself needing to translate a pair of GPS coordinates into a timezone. Thankfully this operation was quite a bit simpler than building a country/city/neighborhood reverse geocoder, but still worth documenting to help others going down a similar path.

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↗ The lies our culture tells us about what matters -- and a better way to live

Something I’ve felt (and disliked) about American society is our desire to be self-sufficient as individuals. We don’t want to share with one another; we want our own and we want it to be better than everyone else’s. David Brooks, an op-ed columnist at the New York Times does an amazing job of explaining how this mentality has failed us, and gives advice of what we can do to fix it.

Somewhere in my head is a much longer essay about why I think this is so important, using the American preference of cars over public transit as an example of how we’ve lost sight of what we can achieve when we band together.

Creating your own reverse geocoder with OSM and PostGIS

Over the course of my first two weeks at the Recurse Center I’ve found myself in a rabbit hole of working with geospatial data. More specifically, I’ve collected a pretty sizable dataset on my personal location history using a small Swift app that pings my home server with my current whereabouts, which then stores it in a PostGIS database. Given that I’m currently teaching myself about data science/visualization, this seemed like the perfect starting point to practice gaining insights from a set of data.

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