I'm a programmer who enjoys learning/talking about cities 🌆, energy ⚡️, cooking 🍃, biking 🚲, traveling 🚞, and creating a more sustainable economy 🏴‍☠️. This website is an always-in-progress repository for documenting my latest ideas and projects.


The internet is mostly filled with spam, misinformation, and people trying to sell you garbage, but there are plenty of gems in the rough. This page is for documenting the nooks and crannies of the internet that I’ve found particularly interesting, weird, or worthwhile for some reason or another.

I have a documented bias towards small, self-published, non-commercial sites. You’ll see this reflected in the links below, and I hope you’ll join me in learning to love and support these parts of the internet.


People or groups who I think are doing interesting things.


Various software/real life projects that I’ve found interesting to use or keep an eye on their development.

Urban Planning

I love learning about cities, and especially how we can make them more sustainable and liveable for humans rather than cars. There seems to be a growing community of YouTube channels and discussion boards around these ideas which I am very fond of for their work in spreading the good word: