Lately I've been lucky enough to have the time (and career flexibility) to travel. I'm in the process of documenting my visits to various places in the past and keep up with new travels, so this page will (hopefully) always be a work in progress.

These travelogues are more or less for myself and the people I've traveled with to enjoy. I decided to post them publically just in case anyone else is interested, or better yet, to ideally inspire someone else to travel to any of the places I've been to.

If you ever want to talk about any of the places you see here feel free to contact me. I like meeting new people, especially if travel is a shared interest.

Ho Chi Minh
SE Asia - Vietnam/Singapore
Tokyo, Japan
Brussels, Belgium
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Zaragoza, Spain
Toronto, Ontario
Berlin, Germany
Versailles, France
Paris, France
Segovia, Spain
Toledo, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Granada, Spain
Oslo, Norway
Europe - Summer '16