Granada, Spain

June 2015

Next up on my list was Spain. I flew into Madrid Barajas and met up with some friends to head on a road trip down to Grenada.

Road trips in other countries are awesome. I grew up in a small rural town in the U.S., so I always enjoy seeing what random small places in other countries are like. Planes, trains, and busses don't quite give you this experience since you can't really stop at something randomly interesting along the way.

Obviously the main attraction of the trip was Grenada itself. Something that always gets me about European many towns and cities are the really narrow streets. Originally I thought this was because there weren't cars back when the city was laid out and narrower roads provided more shade. One of my friends told me another important reason was defense. With the streets being so small it was easy for locals to throw rocks down from their balconies onto an opposing army which would already be struggling to fit through such small passageways.

One of the main attractions of Grenada is La Alhambra, a Moorish palace surrounded by some of the most impressive gardens I've ever seen.

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