Oslo, Norway

May 2015

When I first started thinking about making this trip happen I obsessed over watching flight prices to Europe. I wanted to minimize one of the highest costs of the trip: the transatlantic flight. Once you get into Europe, budget airlines like Ryanair or EasyJet make the rest of the legs super cheap (I paid ~50€ for my flight from Oslo to Madrid).

Eventually I found a $250 flight from New York to Oslo on Norwegian. I had some friends in Norway who I had promised a visit at some point in my life, so I figured now would be a better time than any to come through. To make it even better, all of Norwegian's international flights use the new Boeing 787, making this be my first time in Norway and my first flight on the new Dreamliner.

After 4 days I had to head out, but I really want to come back at some point in my life. One of the bigger attractions of Norway is the nature, something that I didn't get to see much of while I was there hanging out in Oslo.

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