Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May 2016

After leaving Spain I was originally supposed to land in Brussels to visit a friend. Unfortunately he had some last minute family event he needed to attend so I found myself with a couple of extra days alone. Instead of spending the time alone in Brussels I decided to head up to The Netherlands to check out a city that I had been interested in for a few years: Amsterdam.

I really liked the city's architecture. The thin, tall buildings looked amazing along the sides of the canals. An interesting tidbit I learned is that many of the buildings are structurally unsound after sinking into the soft ground. If you look closely in the picture above you'll notice the buildings in the center are a bit crooked.

While exploring around I ended up meeting a random dude from New York at a coffee shop (like drinking coffee, not "coffee"). He had some extra time so we walked around the city for a bit and toured the Royal Palace of Amsterdam (above to the left). A pro for traveling solo is that you always seem to meet other people.

Zaragoza, Spain Brussels, Belgium