Ho Chi Minh

August 2017

This was my first time in Southeast Asia (and second time ever in Asia), so while I expected a large number of motorbikes along the street, I didn't really grasp the sheer mass of them until I landed and started walking around Ho Chi Minh.

There were quite a few occasions where my friends and I would stop along the corner of an intersection and just watch the chaos. The video below is a four way intersection with zero stoplights and no less than three people riding up onto the sidewalk directly in front of us to evade the traffic.

Another fun experience of Vietnam was exploring the various markets. These were very much so haggle-territory, and by this point I didn't have too much experience with the art (just some low-level haggling in a market in Castries City, St. Lucia).

I ended up buying some flip-flops for around $8, after which my friend immediately bought the same pair for $6 and triumphantly proclaimed that he had out-negotiated me. Unfortunately when we told our Vietnamese friend about the experience afterwards she laughed and said we had both gotten ripped off 🤷‍♂️.

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