This site is an always-in-progress repository for my thoughts and ideas. You'll generally find me writing about sustainability 🍃, urbanism 🏙️, programming 💾, vegan cooking 🍛, and whatever else pops into my mind.

I love learning about cities, and especially how we can make them more sustainable and liveable for humans rather than cars. There seems to be a growing community of YouTube channels and discussion boards around these ideas which I am very fond of for their work in spreading the good word.

Not Just Bikes

A YouTube channel that does a much better job than I can in explaining why North American cities are sorry horribly designed and what good urban design looks like. I particularly enjoyed this video which explains why city design is so important (unfortunately at the expense of Houston).


This YouTube channel is for people who can’t consume enough information about trains and transit systems.

Pedestrian Observations

Alon Levy’s blog is filled with ridiculous well done analysis/insights into mass transit, especially in the successes/failures of different systems around the world. Their series on construction costs is interesting for anyone wondering why large infrastructure projects are so difficult in the US.

Jon Worth

Jon is doing some very cool research and activism around improving cross-border rail around Europe. His Mastodon feed is a must-follow if you’re interested in rail. He’s also a candidate for the Grün party in Berlin!

One of the many things I love about his work is that he’s been adamant about avoiding most commercial social networks for promoting his campaign. He’s one of the few creators I know who only publishes videos on his PeerTube channel!