This site is an always-in-progress repository for my thoughts and ideas. You'll generally find me writing about sustainability 🍃, urbanism 🏙️, programming 💾, vegan cooking 🍛, and whatever else pops into my mind.
Projects & companies

An assortment of open-source projects and commercial products I’ve found useful or interesting.


Viktor is single-handedly building a search engine that focuses on the non-commercial parts of the web. The blog is a fantastic glimpse into the day-to-day challenges of taking on such an enormous task, but also has some great commentary on the current state of the web and how we can make it better.


I’ve mostly abandoned commercial social media platforms in favor of the fediverse. I’ve found the communities on Mastodon to be much more wholesome and significantly less toxic to my brain, but your mileage may vary. I’m particularly fond of the people I’ve met through the community on Lots of interesting people at the intersection of technology, art, veganism, and a general distaste for capitalism.


Google’s monopoly on internet search has gone on for too long and resulted in a reversal of progress in finding information online. Kagi is the most promising replacement I’ve seen thus far. Yes, you have to pay for a subscription, but I’ve found their results to be substantially better than DuckDuckGo or Google’s. On top of that, they’re a bootstrapped company (ie not VC-backed), which has me rooting for them to see success all the more.


I’ve recently realized the irony in hosting my free/open source projects on a platform run by a megacorp (Github/Microsoft). SourceHut is the exact polar opposite and is run by Drew DeVault, someone who vehemently rejects the current domination of the internet by giant tech companies. I’m slowly but surely working on migrating my projects over to SourceHut, even though there are some design decisions that I’m not 100% sure about (namely the choice to use email patches over pull requests).

Kill The Newsletter

A simple and free service for converting email newsletters to RSS feeds. Also mentioned in this blog post.


A statically generated music portfolio website builder, aimed at providing artists with an alternative to an increasingly hostile Bandcamp. I’m really, really impressed with the aesthetic of the output and how crazily feature complete it is for a static website.

Be sure to check out the webring which links to live Faircamp websites.