Hi, I'm Steve! This site is an always-in-progress repository for my thoughts and ideas. You'll generally find me writing about sustainability 🍃, urbanism 🏙️, programming 💾, vegan cooking 🍛, and whatever else pops into my mind ✨.

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When I'm cooking at home I stick to a vegan diet, therefore all of the links and resources you'll find below will be plant-based. If you're not vegan don't hit the back button yet. A lot of these recipes and resources are very solid and things I'd recommend to people even if they don't care much for vegetarianism/veganism.

Also many thanks to the friends who found some of these recipes that I'm now taking credit for digging up- you know who you are and I hope you continue sending me good recipes that I can take credit for finding.

My Remixes

Occasionally I go off script enough with a recipe that it merits writing up on its own rather than just linking out to the source. As a warning to those who like precise instructions and quantities: I tend to be pretty willy nilly about these things and this is reflected in the recipes.

(Unlinked recipes are a todo item that I'll write up shortly)

Weeknight Staples


The signal-to-noise ratio of online recipes can be very low. All of the books below are far more curated resources with a solid assortment of bangers to choose from. Yes, they cost money, but you'll more than make up for the cost with the amount of time saved from searching through bad recipes that don't yield yummy results.