I'm a programmer interested in urbanism 🏙️, sailing ⛵, traveling 🚄, and creating a more sustainable economy 🍃. This website is an always-in-progress repository for documenting my latest ideas and projects.

About » Just Give Me The Hits

A list of some of the better blog entries and pages worth visiting on my site, affectionately named after Shut Up And Play The Hits.


I like writing how-tos and guides for various technical projects of mine. These are some of the better/more popular ones I've written over the years.


I'm working on being more open about my creative side. For now this is a shorter list than I'd like it to be.

New York Data Stuff

I briefly attended NYU for a masters in Urban Planning and had to write up some reports for a data analysis/visualization class. The projects were pretty fun and yielded some interesting posts: