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FeeDon: a Mastodon to RSS bridge
Published on Aug 14th, 2023.

A few months ago I started work1 on a small project to convert Mastodon timelines into RSS feeds. While Mastodon has pretty good RSS support out-of-the-box, it only really creates feeds for individual users. I had a few additional features that I was looking for:

I brewed up a quick prototype that worked pretty well but ended up forgetting about it for a couple of months during a busy period of life. This past weekend I had a bit of spare time and energy to finish off a few of the remaining items on my must-have list and I think I’m finally ready to share this a bit more widely with the world.

Behold: an alpha-quality instance of what I am calling FeeDon is now live.

It’s pretty simple: you can log in with your Mastodon account and immediately generate a bunch of RSS feeds from your timelines/lists that can be subscribed to by any RSS reader. As of now things are pretty primitive, but you should start seeing formatted posts come through.

Give it a shot if you’re so inclined, but note that I reserve the right to reset the database and break your feeds at any given moment for development purposes. I said alpha-quality, didn’t I? If you’d prefer something more stable (or don’t trust me) you can also self-host your own instance.

If you’d like to give feedback or stay in the loop2 you can subscribe to the mailing list. You can also take a peek at the source code on SourceHut3.


  1. If you’re curious, the original toot where I solicited feedback on the idea is here

  2. I’ll try to send out an email to the mailing list before I wipe the server’s database. 

  3. Note that I’m new to putting my OSS work on SourceHut, so there may be bumps along the way as I get used to mailing lists, the issue tracker, and especially email-based patches.