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Tech stack

In the last few years my relationship to technology has changed quite a bit. Witnessing the process of enshittification unfold on many of the online platforms I rely on has caused me to rethink how I structure my digital life. In response, I’ve found myself gravitating towards technology that is open-source, community supported, and less invasive in my everyday life.2

I began an initial push towards “digital sovereignty” by migrating a few previously cloud-hosted services over to my own server. You can find an introduction to this here: Documenting my tech stack.

The pages below detail a few of the important components of my self-hosted cloud. I hope they can serve as a guide for others curious about making a similar change:

  1. I bought my Sonos speakers before I started moving away from “big tech.” Based on my experience I wouldn’t recommend them. Normal wired box speakers (maybe with an external bluetooth connection) are more reliable and built for the long-term. 

  2. On my todo list is writing up an overarching philosophy of how I should decide to adopt or avoid any given technology. Stay tuned!