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Citibike system data reference

Iโ€™ve done a good amount of work with Citibike trip data and have been frustrated quite a few times along the way with some of the quirks of the dataset and lack of documentation. Information about the dataset seems to be spread thin across a lot of blog posts from data science students doing school projects (myself included, hehe), making it hard to find an abridged summary of what to expect going into it.

This page is my attempt at providing such a reference. I hope it saves you time and grief!

Trip history

Data dictionary

The Citibike data page claims that there are two schemas for the datasets but in reality there are three. The v2 format was briefly in use and was basically the v1 format with capitalized column header names.

v1: June '13 โ†’ Feb '21 (except Oct '16 โ†’ Mar '17)
  • tripduration
  • starttime
  • stoptime
  • start station id
  • start station name
  • start station latitude
  • start station longitude
  • end station id
  • end station name
  • end station latitude
  • end station longitude
  • bikeid
  • usertype
  • birth year
  • gender
v2: Oct '16 โ†’ March '17

This one is kind of an oddball that has the same columns as the v1 format but with capital letters.

  • Trip Duration
  • Start Time
  • Stop Time
  • Start Station ID
  • Start Station Name
  • Start Station Latitude
  • Start Station Longitude
  • End Station ID
  • End Station Name
  • End Station Latitude
  • End Station Longitude
  • Bike ID
  • User Type
  • Birth Year
  • Gender
v3 Feb '21 โ†’ Present
  • ride_id
  • rideable_type
  • started_at
  • ended_at
  • start_station_name
  • start_station_id
  • end_station_name
  • end_station_id
  • start_lat
  • start_lng
  • end_lat
  • end_lng
  • member_casual

Things to keep in mind

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