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Music & radio

DJ sets / albums

Radio stations / sources of music

Interesting sources of music I’ve found around the web. A few of these are independent radio stations that I’d recommend opening up every so often just to see if they’re playing something you like. The genres are generally all over the place, so if you start listening and don’t really feel it, it’s still worth checking back again in a few hours/days.

The Lot Radio

An independent radio station broadcasting out of a shipping container in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s also a great place to hang out if you’re ever in the area: they serve coffee, drinks, and snacks.

Kiosk Radio

Similar concept to The Lot but this one is based out of a park in Brussels. Also a great place to hang out if you’re in the area and the weather is nice.


Munich’s independent radio station, similar to The Lot and Kiosk although they don’t seem to have a physical location.

Radio Garden

Listen to radio stations from all across the globe! I’ve found my favorite stations are out of random islands in the Caribbean.

Pinchy and Friends

An assortment of random mixtapes that are fun to browse through. Completely hit or miss, but sometimes you uncover gems like this one, which is a mixtape from The Avalanches.

Funky, groovy, and extremely aesthetic.